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wife. mom. adjunct professor. we homeschool. i'm a little bit OCD. i love math. bright colors and geometric designs make me drool. we live with a medical rarity, and Jesus saved his life. through that, Jesus is changing us. The american dream and status quo is overrated...and sometimes just plain wrong. our lives, our family, our careers, our faith are all now filtered through a new lens-- thank you Jesus. welcome to our crazy. feel free to take some of it with you, we have plenty to go around.
It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June. All of it. month over here, y'all.  What have we been up to?  Apparently I've been so busy ( that I haven't blogged at all.  So here is all of June in one big post.  Mostly pictures.  Because there was just too much going on to narrate it all!

Just before June, we took the kiddos to the Harn Homestead in OKC. fun times with friends,

At the beginning of June, we had a fun time at the park with our cousin, Noah!

I also got my hair cut at the beginning of June or end of May...
then again today! ha...

At the beginning of the month, S turned 6.  We had a Yo Gabba Gabba party in May for both boys with our families...but on S's actual bday, our fam of 4 spent the day at the science museum and ate lunch at Hideaway Pizza (yummmm-o).  S is really growing up this summer and is a great helper. He has helped R with pottying, he helps R get dressed, he helps with the dishes and the laundry...he's just getting big enough to be a big ol' help.  He also is super smart.  He can read pretty much anything you put in front of him, and his math brain is fantastic.  Good stuff.  He is learning (sometimes difficultly!) that our actions speak from what is within us and he is absorbing (usually!) what we are trying to teach him in this respect.  I'm so proud of him, my first baby, the one molded pretty much just like me, although his art genes came from somewhere else, further back in our lineage, I suppose!  Because I couldn't draw or paint if my livelihood depended on it.

super funny daddy.

 big day. tired them both out.

(for S's birthday, Gibby got him some rad golf clubs!)

In the middle of June, I took a much anticipated, carefully planned vacation with some of my college girlfriends-- we all turned 30 this year and we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and had a GREAT relaxing time!!

It was all so ugly. Can't you tell. Feel sorry for us.  Terrible trip.  :)

Then...I got back, and we celebrated two anniversaries in one day!! June 28, 2012 marked NINE years of marriage for us....


Date night photo captured by my eldest child...and (there are nine  flowers in the other photo (for 9 years, duh!)...gerber daisies...i love)
AND...we went to orange leaf to celebrate the ONE YEAR anniversary of NO blood transfusions for Ridge!!! Way to go, God!

Three years ago, no one knew, but many speculated, that we would never see this sight:

And now, we don't have to be scared when Ridge picks up a bat and ball, because his last set of labs were fantastic, with a hemoglobin of 12.6 (holllaaaaa!) and platelets of 242,000-- well within normal range!!! We believe in the Lord, our Healer!

As for the rest of the summer, I've really enjoyed these zinnias that are doing crazy well in our mailbox flower bed...

And Sawyer finished up his second t-ball season...

I've been making a few of these for some nappers in the fall--

And....while I'd love to stay and chat....

I really mustache.