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wife. mom. adjunct professor. we homeschool. i'm a little bit OCD. i love math. bright colors and geometric designs make me drool. we live with a medical rarity, and Jesus saved his life. through that, Jesus is changing us. The american dream and status quo is overrated...and sometimes just plain wrong. our lives, our family, our careers, our faith are all now filtered through a new lens-- thank you Jesus. welcome to our crazy. feel free to take some of it with you, we have plenty to go around.
It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Thursday, April 4, 2013

well hi there.

Here's the thing. I'm not a blogger. Apparently.  I mean, my last post was...five months ago.  This is record craptastic blogging, I'd say.  I mean, I know people who've blogged one or two times. Period. And they get to just stop blogging and I won't think anything about it, because they never really got started. But...I used to be a regular.  I assume there's something to be said about not just rambling to ramble.'re welcome for the five month silent treatment.

I had a friend email me the other day (hello, friend) saying "remember when you used to blog?"

ha. nope. when was that? like...forever ago.

Quick recap on our hap hap happenings:
1) Kids are good. big one will be 7 soon. Little one 4 soon. Third one on the way, eta October.
2) Little kid still doing great. line's been out two years, and almost two years since last transfusion.
3) uh, literally, that's all.  I mean...the big one has been losing a lot of teeth this year. That's kind of new and exciting and strange.  The little one will be our first child to break a bone; I will take bets if you don't believe me.  He climbs. He is reckless. He is fearless. Sigh.

We are about to finish our first year of Classical Conversations, a homeschool program we've joined this year. It is fantastic.  Lots of memorization. Lots of songs. Some handy dandy classical learning going on.  Amaaaazing what the boys can hold in their brains through rote memory. Of course, we learn past that and apply what we are able to apply, but the memory alone will prepare them for critical thinking at such a young age.  This program is truly, truly phenomenal. I mean, mathematically, my kid knows formulas some of the adults I teach don't retain. Sure, he can't apply them yet, but that will come.  He will know them when the time comes. He won't need a formula sheet, or some last minute memory efforts to ditch after an exam. He will know them. They will be stuck in his brain. And take me to goodness. I hated History, my entire academic life.  Good riddance.  Then...this year.  We have learned chronologically all major events from Creation up to present day.  Next week, the kids will learn all of our nation's presidents from Washington to Obama. Every week we learn 7 timeline events, and then we camp out on one major idea in history for that week.  There are (usually) fantastic songs that go with virtually all of the memory work, and I have learned things I never learned before (okay, I probably was taught them in elementary and high school, but I do not recall them at all, because did I say how I hated history? hated it. read the book, answer the study questions, cram it all in for an exam, forget it the next day. I seriously have a recurring dream where I forget to go to a class for like an entire semester. It is occasionally Calculus, which is nonsensical, because who'd skip THAT class? That's some good stuff. :) But, typically it is World History or some other History class. And I fail.  And the teacher usually has some sort of mean thing to say to me for my lack of attendance.  Rightly so.) Anyway, this stuff is good stuff, man. When the mom can't even read through the timeline cards without weeping some weeks, well, you know you're learning some good stuff. :)  It has been wonderful to cross paths with other families to do life with- families with similar vision for their children, families desiring a redeemed education, one that will equip our children with learning through knowledge AND understanding.  I had some spot on, wonderful, caring, fantastic teachers growing up. Really really great teachers. and I always loved school.  Nerrrrd.  But, a lot of what I learned, I didn't retain, for whatever reason, and it is nice go back to the beginning and really learn it. All of it. But, I'm still a nerd!

Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday are still fairly close in our rearview mirror-- and can I just say this is my most favorite time of the year? As a believer, every day is a day to be in awe of the grace I have received, certainly. But this specific week turns me to mush. A sobbing, ugly mess most days. We spent the week lightly- did the schooling we needed to do, and spent time during the day doing a little studying of the Bible regarding the Triumphal Entry through the crucifixion and Resurrection. The days were filled with some small crafts/mementos, and we had some candlelight times several weeks leading up to this week/weekend.  This year, we had a family Seder- we tried that last year and all loved the time so much, we have adopted it as tradition in our family.  It is humbling (sob sob bite my lip fight tears back) to read through the story of our Redemption, our freedom from sin because of the sinless Lamb. Anyway, it was/is a refreshing family time.  How humbling this monumental time in history was/is for us.  We, who are so undeserving, completely undeserving, totally unworthy, have been literally redeemed. redeemed. by the One who had no sin. No sin. No need to die. No need to be forsaken. No need to be alone.  No need to suffer. He took it. In our place. For the utmost Glory of God.  No matter how many times you look at it, if you really look at it, it is overwhelming.

See ya in five months.