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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

later today...

I know I already posted today. You hate to ever "jump the gun"...but you also, when in this type of situation, celebrate all the victories, and so I have one to share. A little while ago, Ridge ate. He did spit up a couple of times, but both times, the spit up was completely white- no blood, new or old, in it. He did have a dirty diaper (or 10 today...sheesh, kid)...and while it had a little bit of blood (TEENY) in it, it was more yellow than the other diapers have been today. The poop, not the blood, was yellow...duh. Yellow blood-- well, that would just not even be identifiable. Our GI doctor for the week is watching the specks of blood in the diapers, but she isn't convinced one way or the other that they mean he's bleeding-- it could be something totally unrelated...guard your eyes if you get a fissure or something- for those of you who don't know what that is, it's just a little crack or tear in the pooper. Sorry for TMI, but when your kid has a disease that often makes itself apparent in vomit and poop, well...all I can do is say sorry, but that's the kind of info your gonna get sometimes.

Anyways, I was excited by that observance, and therefore, was not surprised to know that when he had his bloodwork done this afternoon, both his hemoglobin and his hematocrit (which they also measure, but i'm not sure what it means exactly) were up from whatever they were this morning. yep.

so at least for now, good news! you and i both know it's b/c you guys are praying. so keep it up.

love to ya-


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Yeah for numbers being up! Yeah for yellow poop! Yeah for white spit up! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!
too funny, you have one kid that wont poop and the other one is a poop machine!
Yeah for poop!!!
i Love YOU guys!

Stephanie said...

Yay for Ridge! Praise the Lord!! I hope things continue to improve for the little man!

nikki w said...

WHOO!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!! We'll keep praying for more and more "good poop"! :) Truly, we are continuing to lift you guys up continually in thought and prayer.

ChrisCopelandPhoto said...

This post just made my day, girl! Praise God for never letting go of us. We will continue to lift him up in prayer, KNOWING that God hears those prayers!

Anonymous said...

Alisha, Thanks for posting again today! I love reading all of your posts.....I cannot read them without crying, ever! I love you guys so much and I too am encouraged by your Faith! So glad the day is looking up!
Love and Prayers,

P.S. I am always interested in Ridge's poop, and I am always happy to hear when it's yellow :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Poop does seem to occupy much of our thoughts lately. Glad to get the report. Love ya, praying, and see you tomorrow!

Mopsalot said...

God is amazing! He is the great physician! We are rejoicing with you today, and will be continuing to pray for you guys!

Crystal Cutrell said...

awesome!!! yay for yellow poop!!

Anonymous said...

I never knew so much thought could go into poop until I became a mother! We are thankful for good poops! We are praying for you guys daily! Thank you for keeping us updated with your blog...

Jamila W.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Father for Your Are Faithful and True! Praising You for Answering faith on earth in the authority in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. By The Power of The Holy Spirit in through The Blood of The Lamb applied at Ridge's gates, walls and loins decreed in the established, against the accuser we spoke at the gates, HalleluYah, Your Glory Reigns in The Healed of The Healer, when we let go. More Abba, more~~~ your daughter, Karenlee

Anonymous said...

When you teach anatomy, poop seems like a fairly common subject. It's lecturing the reproductive system that makes me cringe! One more anatomy thought - hematocrit is the % of Red Blood Cells per volume of whole blood. Anyway - thanks for posting. We will celebrate every victory small and large. Praying today brings more good news.

Love, Sue

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