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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, November 6, 2009

good things

Let's talk about some good things that have happened, some kindnesses that have been sent our way.  If you've done something nice and I forgot you, please know it of course was not intentional.

1.  The palm trees that Will, blog reader and nurse here @ the hospital, made and hung up for us...well, they are falling down.  I have put them up, but haven't had time to put them up again.  They still look good, just half trunkless.  Regardless, Will stopped by today and brought me a giant brownie that was excellent.  Even if it looks like I haven't been taking care of the palm trees, I have! They are taking on a mind of their own! Thanks, Will!

2. A friend of my sister in law sent us a care package.  I haven't seen all of it bc it is at my house but my mom brought up the parts that were for the boys- a sweet little bear for Ridge that says a prayer-- he really likes it! and...NINJA TURTLES for Sawyer.  Of course he loooooves that.  A super nice note for us as well as some more goodies @ home.  Thank you so much, Tami and Josh!

3. Weeks ago, another friend sent oodles of noodles up here-- chicken and was just when the weather started to turn cold.  they were superb.  and thinking about them now is getting me hungry.  thanks, zoschkes!

4. Speaking of meals, a super duper set of friends provided us with six homemade frozen meals that can be microwaved.  This has been a great blessing and allows us to either eat something other than cafeteria food OR allows me to not have to go all the way downstairs if I don't want to leave Ridge for very long or if the nurses are busy at the time and can't watch him.  This same set of friends tried to get us to leave our baby all alone tonight to drag us to a Jeremy Camp concert.  Just kidding...they wouldn't want Ridge to be alone.  They did offer two tickets to us, though.  Ridge is having a rough week, so we can't leave him right now, but still...Thanks, Perkeys.

5. Yukon raised a lot of money to help us with medical bills through WISH week. So humbling.  I don't even know what else to write here-- so imagine me saying THANKS in the biggest font possible, please.

6. Speaking of Yukon, I have two co workers who are so faithful to visit and several others- teachers, substitutes, support staff- who are faithful to text, email, facebook, etc. checking on us, offering to help us with many different things, whatever we need.  To all of them- too many to name and I do not want to leave someone out for sure- but you know who you are...a gajillion thanks to you.  You have proven your friendship- not that I needed you to.  And you can know, if there is ever a time I can repay you, I will.  I hope none of you ever find yourself in a difficult situation like this- but the kindness you have shown me will come back to you I promise.  You are the best.

7. I got a phone call from the mother of a little boy with MLT and it was so encouraging to speak with her.  She offered some advice that our doctors are considering.  She gave me her phone number for any time I need to visit.  I know there will be a day I need that.  So thank you, Andrea.

8.  We have the best nurses around.  I really can barely type this without tearing up.  I love our nurses.  When Ridge is blowing boogers out his nose and I can't stop crying bc he's getting stuck with needles for an IV, they keep it together and go get me kleenex.  When I'm looking at things that are scary to me and are scary to them bc Ridge is usually a pretty easy patient, they keep it together.  When someone has to advocate on my behalf, they do it.  If they have to be assertive with pharmacy or doctors or whoever to get Ridge what he needs, they are.  It's hard to put into words how I feel about them, and I know it's "just their job"-- but I hope they know that to me it is so much more than just their job.  They often make or break our day (MAKE! We do not have nurses that break our day!)-- but seriously, the NURSE does make the difference in the day.  Thank you for your love and compassion and how much you care for Ridge.  And thank you for letting me talk your ears off and pretending to be my friends! :)  We, or at least I, seriously could not make it through the day without you.  You are the best.  So to Tina, Tera, Micah, Laura, Breanna, Vanessa, Vera, Brandi, Brooklyn, Tina Marie, Rebecca, Mary, Billie Jo, Susan, Lauren, Vicki, Thomas, Sarah, any other nurse we might've had once and I've forgotten and all the techs and anyone who has ever helped because I know I don't know all of your names and please don't be mad if I forgot you here....WHEW.  THANK YOU.  You are IT.  You make our day, every day. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for loving on my son.  And for bringing me my towels so I don't have to dry off with a washrag.

9. We, for the most part, have great doctors.  I don't have a lot to type here, but I do want to recognize them.  And the majority of them have a great interest in Ridge.  And I appreciate that they are trying to do what is best for him.

10. Thank you to the PICC line nurse who was able to get an IV in Ridge today.  Yay, Gretchen.

11.  Former students have been so encouraging to send me messages and keep asking about Ridge.  Families of students have been so encouraging to send cards and donations....I don't have words to express how much that means to me that I mean enough to you and my family means enough to you that you are willing to take the time and use your resources towards us.  Thank you.

So many others have been good to us- our church family, our actual families, our friends, strangers, our community.  So to anyone I've forgotten- know that it's just bc I'm sleep deprived and sick of having to fight this disease.  I am grateful for you.  Thank you for the notes, the calls (that I can never return bc it is just near impossible to get a chance to do so- sorry!), the texts, etc. etc.

We are loved, and we know it.

and so are you.

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Anonymous said...

Alisha and Brandon, we continue to pray for little Ridge, you, other family members and for the doctors and staff that are trying to fight this terrible disease. We hope that you feel God's healing touch as you read this. With love and prayers, Marti and Coach Taylor