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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

port's in....

Ridge is finished w/ his port surgery.  He is finally awake (basically took the kid 5 or 6 hours to fully wake up).  He is fussy and probably in mucho pain.  It took awhile for the port site to quit bleeding-- like, insanely bleeding-- but now it seems to be "stable."  He has his central line still, and will keep that for a long while, and he also has his EJ iv....until we feel like the port is comfy enough to use.

Here's what little man looks like tonight:

and if you can't tell, he has a mondo bruise.  He's been having some d-sat issues probably bc of the anesthesia.  His hgb dropped 1 gram, but the resident told us that is normal w/ a procedure like that, so we don't have any reason to think he's still bleeding MLT wise right now.  Poops are yellow, but steroids are higher, so that's part of the reason.  We don't want to stay on those steroids at the dose he's at.  It's still lower than the dose he  USED to be on, but it's higher than what we would like for him to be on.

Doctor says after 48 hrs of having the port, if he is still doing well/stable, we should be able to go home again.
Good thing, bc apparently they are doing away w/ meal vouchers in this joint, and if i'm going to be paying good money for supper, or lunch, or even breakfast, i am going to be less than thrilled eating all of this cafeteria food.  With a voucher, the cost is somewhat diffused, so it isn't too bad eating here.  But I can go somewhere else for the same price or less if they aren't going to give out vouchers anymore.  Boo for that.

Keep Ridge in those prayers!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to know the surgery is over and he is doing well. We will continue to pray for his healing and for this port to make a difference in his treatment options. I really hope you get to go back home soon -- that first visit was just too short. And since we've already had our blizzard for the century, maybe next time will be better. Love you, Alethea