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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ridger updates

typing with a baby on my lap....makes for some interesting typos, and i doubt if i correct every sinle one of tem.  like single and them...see...i just can't keep up.  so please read anyway...

updates on Ridge..
....SIX teeth.  yep.
....eating OATMEAL cereal and still breastfeeding....friday we can add something new.
....tomorrow will be a MONTH without blood transfusions....
....weaning the steroids every friday.  a little set back this first wean, but he caught up and is still having superb hemoglobin levels...12.8 today, to be precise!
....can pull up and walk alongside things. doesn't do it a lot, but can.
....can't crawl really...scooting yes, backwards crawling, some, but regular crawling, not really
....sleeps with mommy and daddy and is the greatest snuggler around.
...babbles but says no words yet.  or no understandable words.
...has the sweetest smile around.
....seems to be over the RSV and doing well in that respect.  still low immune system due to the steroids, but hopefully the wean will continue to go well.  he will start pentamidine through his central line in a few weeks. this is a monthly antibiotic treatment to ward off a type of pneumonia immune-suppressed kids can get.
...right now is set up for regular checkups only once a month instead of every other week as before. two months and 13 days from being a year old.  here's to believing the worst is behind us.  oh i certainly hope that is true.

updates on sawyer...
...great big brother.
...very obedient, except when he's...not.  but usually, you ask him to do something and the response is, "okay mommy. whatever you say."
...likes to play, esp. when people come over- then he likes to get out every.single.toy.  and that, my friends, is annoying.
...will be FOUR, four months from yesterday. weird.

updates on the adults in this house....i think there are some of those around....

....i can't stop reading Cormac McCarthy's "The Road." 
...i am about ready to take a jewelry hiatus and knit like crazy...then take a knitting hiatus and jewelry make like crazy. 
...i started an etsy store- i don't mean to sound repetitive to those regular blog readers...but some of you don't stop by every day or every other day, so is my website.  there you will find what jewelry i currently have ready to sell.  you can even order it there and pay by paypal.  if you dont' have a paypal acct, it's easy to do and the safest way to buy things online.  and it's free to have a paypal acct.  if you have questions about it, email me at
....i am thoroughly enjoying this season of well as the bachelor...and i can not believe, respectively (is that the right word, for like, "in order"?)--1) that claire is bad. and 2) that ali is gone...of her own choosing. she isn't my favorite, tenley is, but i still was shocked.  
...brandon got home last night from his papa's funeral. he said the service was good. i wish i could have attended.  brandon went back to work today.
...brandon is thinking about a litter of brittany pups in a few weeks or months (i don't know when it will be "time.")-- any takers?  my email is above.  yes, they will cost money.  and yes, they will be good hunting dogs. they will be fun dogs, period, but considering the last bunch of brittanies we had mainly went to truck drivers (i don't know!)-- maybe some hunters might like to get some of these. are dogs are AKC registered and come from great blood email is listed above. let me know!
...i think that's it.  i don't know if it is, but i want to go read my book! :)
...i realized at 11 pm last night i forgot to write my soapbox for tuesday. i know, you're sorely disappointed.  sure.  don't worry, i've got a few in storage that i will write soon.

have a great day!


KJ said...

The Road is an excellent, yet devastating book. I find it interesting that we haven't heard much about the movie yet, as far as reviews are concerned. I am fixing to start Blood Meridian by Cormac. I've heard it is his best work? We shall see.

Susan said...

So glad to hear Ridge is doing so well and is growing up like crazy!! Miss you guys! I also like Tenley the most and was shocked by Ali you think she is coming back based on the preview for next week?