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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter easter!

It's easter Sunday.  12:16 PM.  Here's how we've celebrated today, so far.

A few days ago, we colored eggs.  You can see photos of those eggs here.

The Easter Bunny came to visit last night.  I don't have photos of that.  Ridge got a mega blocks truck that has a few mega blocks, not many, bc Sawyer has a gajillion, and bc we don't need any toys.  Sawyer got lots of candy and Silly Putty-- two colors of Silly Putty...which he promptly mixed together against my instructions.

We tried to go to church. We got all dressed and ready, pictures later, i don't have energy to upload them now.  Everyone looked snazzy.  We got to church, fellowshipped a bit, enjoyed seeing everyone, enjoyed singing hymns about the risen Savior....then Sawyer couldn't be still.  couldn't be quiet.  so we went for a walk, me and the boy, and had a talk, me and the boy, about being quieter in church.  during said talk he sits down and a strange odor permeates the area.  time for him to try to potty. i'm exasperated by now.  he won't potty.  we go back to the church service.  sawyer is better behaved.  ridge starts to cry. brandon takes baby out trying to get him to sleep.  the message begins.  all things go quiet.  except....for the loud RIPPING sound coming from sawyer's backside.  It was NOT his pants ripping.  I quickly remove him from the room, and now all four of us are in the foyer area.  Ugh. it was a disaster.  So we left early.  It was a downer for me, I was ready to be back at church w/ our friends, our church family. I'm sure it's funny.  But it isn't right now.  I left out the best part-- me catching Sawyer with his finger in his undies TWICE, "checking for poop."  WHAT? who the heck taught him THAT nasty move?

The Easter Bunny hid Easter Eggs while I finished making lunch. We shall go find them a little later.'s the best part about spending holidays alone.  Granted, home cookin' from our mommas and grammies would be best, or if i had enough energy to make a big meal, that'd be great too...BUT here's the greatest thing ever.  I'm married to a country boy. Not that I'm a big city girl, myself, but moreso than my spouse (obviously I'm more of a girl than him, I mean the big city part).  ANYWAY, he loooooved beans and cornbread. I like it so so, but it's not my fave, and I'd never pick to have that.  SO we rarely have it.  But bring on his birthday, or Christmas, or Easter...and that's what he's gonna ask for.  So what normally would be in our reserves for poorer times in life are reserved for holidays.  AT least for this season in our life. And that's perfect with me.  Easy easy stuff.  Plus Sawyer wanted brownies for dessert, so I made those...and no one was in here, so I took a spatula to the extra batter and did away with that all on my own.  It was necessary.

this afternoon brings hunting of eggs and planting of flowers and a garden.  wahoo.  happy easter, world. 

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RainOnMe said...

You were not alone. This was the first time we had been to church in (gasping time) a year so we got all dressed up and were happily visiting a church we had been wanting to visit for a while. Ethan is not feeling well and keeps telling us how hot he is, and rightfully so. It was pretty warm in there. The singing starts and we get through announcements and several songs and I look at my 4 year old sitting beside me and he begins to throw up all over himself. Thankfully we were in the back two rows and I grabbed the diaper bag and caught most of what was not already on him. A lady came out with us and mothered us to death, helping clean him up the best she could and another took care of the pew business. So, yeah, we missed the message too. Hopefully both of us will be able to visit again soon. Good luck!~Corie