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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Sunday, September 5, 2010

updownupdoooownupppppdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... we are again.  we went home saturday at about 5 pm.....and came back sunday at lunch time.
i don't know why ridge is bleeding.  i guess because he has MLT.  but i don't know what is setting this bleed off. I know he can have random bleeds, but it just seems that usually there is a stress on his body that triggers it.
His central line infection is still being treated.
He did have a runny nose issue, that has subsided. I am not sure what was wrong with him there, bc they did an FA-6 to see if it could be one of six different respiratory issues (including RSV), and everything came back negative.  So he picked up some little runny nose somewhere and passed it on to the rest of us.  Mine is almost gone...Brandon should be over it by tomorrow or Tuesday and Sawyer will follow suit on Wed. or so.

Ridge's hemoglobin yesterday morning at the hospital was 9.1, from 9.8 the night before.  So blood was given, boosting him to 11.4.  This was not a huge jump considering the amt of blood he was given.  It is a GOOD jump, but if he weren't bleeding, he would have gone up to around 13...which is way high for him and i dont' really care if he is that high or not.  Anyway, I just knew when I heard "11.4" that things weren't going to go well.  But we went home...and Ridge looked pale.  he wasn't having any diapers so there was no judging the hgb by the output....So we checked his blood at home this morning and got 11.4....which probably meant he was in the 10s, bc our montior is a little off usually.  So....I wanted to check it later since he had had one darker diaper today.  Brandon checked it a couple hours later and Ridge was down to 10.1.  Which meant he'd dropped a gram or so in those couple of hours. So Brandon brought Ridge to the ER while I got Sawyer and myself ready.  When the ER took Ridge's CBC, the lab results were hemoglobin of 8.7.  So he'd dropped again.  So blood was ordered, and began within an hour and a half of the CBC, which never happens.  Props to our ER resident, who is familiar with our case and expedited things for us.  And props to the 8th floor nurses who helped it get going quickly as well...and who sanitized our room bc they know that's how I roll.  They go above and beyond.  Love those nurses!  And (most of) those residents!  So Ridge's blood is almost done. In a few hours we will know how much he was boosted...

He acts is just strange.

No other news...just updating you on what's up.  We are tired of the back and forth.  I am afraid this fall and winter will be full of it, bc illness makes Ridge bleed and Sept begins the sick season....Spring can not get here soon enough....even though, normally, I love fall and winter.  Until MLT is behind us, my fan status of the colder seasons is going to be on pause.

Nothing further....


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