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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, December 24, 2010

i am an inconsistent blogger. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I have really been slacking off on the whole blogging thing. I truly truly enjoy blogging, and most definitely needed this habit desperately as Ridge was doing so badly.  Tonight, while I am waiting on the ever famous Pioneer Woman Cinnamon roll dough to be ready for the next step (this is my first time making these famous puppies! i'm so excited i'm almost drooling!).....I thought I would write a bit for you.  I'm not sure how many of you keep up with us, but I know some of you like updates, so here's a short one:
1. Sawyer-- growing so much, reading, being a great friend to Ridge and a great help around the house.  He is getting too big for me....he understands things, good and bad, that I don't think he is old enough to understand.  He is truly not a baby anymore.  And so this is sad. It is also happy, because he is becoming a wonderful young man.
2. Ridge-- is a mess!  He looks like his daddy and is as ornery as his daddy (who is as ornery as HIS daddy...who probably was as ornery as HIS daddy...Cary men have a mischievous streak in them!  and it is to be admired!).  Ridge has figured out how to dance-- if we sing or play music, he dances....which to him, is spinning around and around in circles.  It's quite hilarious.  He has had 4 blood transfusions, I believe, this month.  He was sick for the first 3 and we aren't sure what was up with the 4th one.  His diapers look good though and his hemoglobin today was very good.  His platelets have been running low (30,000ish, and usually he is about 50,000)-- so prayers for an increase there would be great.  The 30s aren't a big deal, I just worry if he begins bleeding he will not have very many platelets to help him out, and we reaaaaalllllllyyyyy don't like to transfuse platelets as they irritate his condition.
3. Bdawg-- is off work for one more entire week and that is WONDERFUL for us all.  He got a dehydrator for his birthday and has been making lots of deer jerky. Some has been grooooosssss but some has been very tasty!  He had his 31st birthday this month...
4. Me-- I had my 29th birthday this month and I plan to live this year like the 20something I still am.  Not a lot else is new with me.  Oh, but exciiiiting about this birthday this year:  My sweet friend Emily delivered her baby girl, Nora, on MY birthday!  Nora and I share a birthday now, AND she was born weighing in at the same weight, and measuring the same height, as Sawyer did when he was born! How neato!

Christmas is tomorrow.  The boys are receiving a boatload of gifts, because some fellow friends/coworkers/community members were very giving to our boys again this year.  We didn't expect it and are so appreciative. I'd already done a little bit of shopping for both kids. This might be one of the biggest Christmases they ever have, as far as "getting" goes....I can't believe how good people are to us!  We have saved many  of the gifts to use for birthdays (both boys have spring birthdays), which will be nice, because not only did this generosity help us out with Christmas, but it is going to help us out with birthdays as well.  I am overwhelmed at the love people have for our kiddos!  Sawyer is very into Santa this year, and Ridge is pretty muchso too...except sitting on his lap at Bass Pro was NOT fun for Ridge.  He screamed and screamed!  See:

Oh well.  We are also talking a lot about baby Jesus and how Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  In fact, I overheard Sawyer telling Ridge how to pray the other night.  He said, Ridge, you just say, "Dear Jesus, I want a (i forget what he said). Amen.  But you can say whatever you want.  I mean, it doesn't matter you can tell Jesus whatever you want to say."  So...he started out teaching Ridge to pray to Jesus like Santa (which I know isn't right, but if you overheard the conversation, it WAS funny), but he finished it off by teaching Ridge you can talk to God about anything, you can say whatever you need to say to Him (which IS right).  Sawyer is a great big brother.

I'm starving.  I'm tired. And I have a toy to build tonight, so I will sign off. But not without remembering where we were this time LAST Christmas Eve.  We were home.  We had been home about 48 hours.  Ridge was still bleeding, and was on Octreotide 24/7.  It was the night of the Oklahoma Blizzard (INSANE!) and our home health delivery guy wasn't able to get Ridge's Octreotide to him.  A coworker of Brandon's, and a lifesaver, for sure, got in his 4wd on Christmas Eve and went and found the delivery guy, got our meds, delivered them to us (but first took the delivery guy back to his office), then went around helping other people he knew were stranded in the blizzard.  And the next morning, Ridge went to the hospital again.  Last year was horrendous-- not just Christmas.  We have come so far, Thanks be to God.  Only by His grace, that is for sure.  Tonight, our thermostat seemingly quit.  Another coworker of Brandon's, a wonderfully nice man, came by and he and his son figured out the problem and got our heater up and running again.  On Christmas Eve.  Thank you, Lord, for people who are willing to help people out.  May we all be willing to do what we can to help a "neighbor."  Since Christmas is really about giving, anyway!  And we are so indebted to those two men, as well as many other people who have helped us along the way, and mostly to our Saviour, who many years ago came to earth, as a sweet baby, and grew to be a perfect, sinless man, who has given us the salvation and freedom we never deserved in the first place.  That is Who we are mostly indebted to...and because of some of you, His love has shown even more brightly upon us this last year and a half.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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