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wife. mom. adjunct professor. we homeschool. i'm a little bit OCD. i love math. bright colors and geometric designs make me drool. we live with a medical rarity, and Jesus saved his life. through that, Jesus is changing us. The american dream and status quo is overrated...and sometimes just plain wrong. our lives, our family, our careers, our faith are all now filtered through a new lens-- thank you Jesus. welcome to our crazy. feel free to take some of it with you, we have plenty to go around.
It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Sunday, February 13, 2011

love is in the aiiiiir.... yeah.

Okay, I'm about to head out the door to go buy a few groceries, so this will be (short) if that is possible.

Ridge: will be 2 in April. Is doing great! His hgb is low 10s right now, so close to being a need for transfusion.  He hasn't had a transf. in almost 4 weeks (wed. will be 4 weeks).  He has bled twice in the last four weeks without needing to get blood- THIS IS NEW FOR US!  TWICE!  We are one step closer to that stinking finish line, AAAAAAMEN!  He got a new haircut and looks so grown up.  A good friend of mine evaluated Ridge the other day and was able to tell me as far as his understanding/cognition goes, he is at least 6 mos ahead of his "age"....however, as far as his speaking goes (if you didn't know he couldn't talk like the rest of us can, he can't yet.  still baby talk/babbling/incoherent, but can clearly get his point across!)-- anyway, his speech is about 8 months behind.  This is to be expected with his hospitalizations.  So no worries, but we do have a few things we can do with him at home and in a few months when he is 2, we can discuss reevaluating him if that is necessary.  So...he's smart!  Supa smart, I say, but just can't say what he's thinking, so he gets frustrated. was a great visit and put my mind at ease.

Sawyer:  Is getting bigger every day.  He is a good helper and he pushes all the buttons all the time-- arguing, questioning, wondering, why-ing...I know it is a phase and it will pass and one day I will miss it, but today, I wish I could miss it!  But he is so sweet even in this phase.

nothing really new with B Dawg and I.  We went out for Valentine's on Friday night.  it was good to go on a date, it was good to not rush and sit at dinner for 2 hours or so and not care that we were just piddling.  We ordered whatever we wanted (uh, if you don't go on a date for a really long time you can pull out all the stops on a splurge now and then!).  It was good.

I think that's about it.  I've thought of so many things I wanted to post over the last week or so but I just have not had time to do so.  I'm sorry!  I will try to do better- even if just for me, because I like to use this blog as kind of a journal/record for myself anyway. Although I did just get an amazing new planner that I'm going to try to use similarly-- for basic facts, like hemoglobin stuff...not for the emotional side of things. I will save that for you all to read here :).  I do want to post in the near future about some money saving things we have been doing around our house, because they might be something you want to do too, even if not for financial reasons!  

Have a great Valentine's Week!

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PJ said...

Hey Alisha! I am so glad to hear how well y'all are doing! It's been a while since I "made the rounds". I love the look of your blog. I know what you mean about splurging. Hubby and I went out for "lunch" yesterday to Olive Garden. It was unplanned but he gets very frustrated in busy traffic, and the restaurant he was wanting to go to was in the opposite direction so he just pulled in to the nearest restaurant which just happened to be Olive Garden. It's been forever since we've been there and the prices have blown off the roof! Anyway, I told him (even though I don't care for Italian food) that since it was so expensive we would just chalk it up to our Valentine Dinner. It was ok, I had chicken parmesian (I prefer veal) but as Italian goes it was ok. Of course I told him I really enjoyed it so his feelings wouldn't be hurt. Anyway, that was our "splurging" for a while. My chicken alone was $13.95! I always thought chicken was suppose to be the "cheapest meat"! LOL! Anyway, Glad y'all had an enjoyable evening.
God Bless