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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, December 2, 2011

beep beep, beep beep, the horn went beep beep beep. Or not.

and also the most busy.  of course, around here, it seems it's ALWAYS busy, December or not.  we scaled back on gifts this year, and we are letting the boys pick something through World Vision to "send" to a family in need (right now they are leaning towards a goat and 2 ducks).  I am working on getting Christmas gifts made for family/friends....and catching up on some crafty orders from some patient customers who have had to wait on my slow, but busy, self for a loooong time.

i keep thinking of all sorts of things to post about.  serious things, pensive things, funny things...but i just never have time to sit down here and write them down.  which i miss, because i love this's a place to just sit and write and if people read it, great, and if not, well, i still wrote it all out anyway, and it was good for my spirit.

so a quick update:  sawyer is learning to skip count (by 2s).  He picked up on it quickly, and later that night showed off by skip counting by 3s and 4s, neither of which had been taught to him.  Math in his genes? I don't even know if that's possible, but this nerd mom is happy as a lark about that incident. 

Ridge is talking up a storm.  He has mastered some sounds he couldn't say even a week ago.  It is incredible to watch him go!  He's silly, throws fits, wants his way all the time, gets spankins, cries, always wants to eat, and is a smarty pants.  Last night, instead of saying 'night night momma' or something like that, he said 'g'ni, boss' *goodnight, boss*.... what a stinker.  of course i thought it funny enough i asked him to say it several more times. 
Ridge hasn't had a transfusion in just over 5 months.  We haven't been hospitalized in about 10 months.  We have weaned his medication down so much that he is now taking in the course of a day  about what he used to take (as in just a few months ago) in one dose.  4.5 mls all day long of his med, whereas he used to take 4 mls 4x a day, which equals (i love math) 16 mls  in the course of a day.  it's fantastically frightening.  :)

so I turn 30 in a few days.  okay a few weeks, but may as well be a few days. I'm not afraid of it or anything, it's just so....not in my 20s anymore.  so, not specific to turning 30, but in general, i like to think back on life experiences.  i haven't led an extraordinary life.  nothing super exciting has happened to me.  but i do have some funny life stories.  i don't always remember them all, but there are days that i remember something i haven't thought of in years.  like the other day when i was driving home from the grocery store (where i had just scored some super cheap coupon in like 85% off the regular price after sales and coupons...i'm a nerd.)

ANYWAY, i was thinking, because someone pulled out of a parking lot a little prematurely-- not dangerously, but i would've waited on traffic to have passed if it were me driving that vehicle...anyway, i thought, "buddy.  you should've waited on me to pass...if i wasn't so cautious, i might have not seen you and just rammed my car right into you."  and i thought, "if i'd done that, someone would've honked at me."  so then i got to thinking about people honking their horns.  car horns are sort of....luxurious. i mean, obviously they are there for safety reasons, and for sure if there were a kid, a dog, a jogger, a turtle, in danger, i'd honk to get those living beings out of the way.  and i get that if someone cuts you off, because you have been endangered, not because you are road-rageous, you could honk your horn.  not that it really would do anything to honk, i mean the incident has already happened, right?  So anyway, i can't think of a ton of instances that a horn is a necessity, thus, in some ways, it is luxurious.  (i'm not depreciating the value of safety/a car no one need get uptight about that)...

ANYWAY, this got me thinking about my high school car and a funny funnnny story.

I drove an awesome car in HS.  It was exactly what I wanted.  It was...
1974 VW Superbeetle....yellow.  Not much unlike this one (albeit somewhat less shiny...and my sister I doubt loved me for this car choice, because my passion for this vehicle allowed me to obtain it...but she ended up having to drive it in HS when I was away at college...sorry, sister):

Now.  The car wasn't in mint condition or anything.  And I was 16 and stupid so I had pictures all over the inside, a hula dancer glued to the dash...all sorts of crap.  It didn't have air conditioning, it was a stick shift, the heater was mediocre at best, there was no power was glorious.  No really, i still to this day,  miss that car.  And I'd gladly take one for Christmas if anyone's offering.

As a side gig to babysitting after school, I also picked up a brother/sister from their respective schools,  and took them to their house.  One was in middle school, just up the road from the high school.  The other was in grade school, probably 1st grade or so. 

One day, as it was beginning to warm up towards summer/end of the school year....I got in my car to go pick up these kiddos.  When I got in and fired up the bug, my car horn just randomly starts honking.  I don't mean a little "beep" "beep"....I'm talking incessant.   Like this:

So what am I supposed to do?  Well, I did what anyone would do. I started hitting the steering wheel to try to silence the beast. That makes sense, right?  Yeah, it doesn't....but I did that anyway.  Eventually it stopped. Or so I thought.  So I began driving the brief (I mean, literally, as in a block) drive to the middle school.  Where....the horn began honking again....and I waved at the sweet girl I was picking up...I'm sure it just looked like I was in a hurry honking the horn (or like I was a total JERK)...  but I'm also sure people figured out THAT wasn't the case when I just kept a honkin' as I drove off.  How. Embarassing.  for us all.  So I head to the elementary school.  Where I am greeted by a brigade of mothers and their vehicles,  picking up their children (the mothers' children, not the vehicles').  There are school buses.  And there are what seemed like hundreds of small children. And some teachers. All, it seemed, staring at the lady in the yellow car that just will NOT stop honking.  I'm telling you, literally, non stop Janice laugh honking.  I wish I could remember what that cutie patootie little boy said to me when he got in my car, but I can't.  I know I remember laughing, so it was funny.  And if my aging memory serves me correctly, fairly soon after we got off the elementary school's campus, the horn stopped honking.  Impeccable timing, I tell ya.  And I don't recall that EVER happening again to my vehicle. It may have.  But not on that high of a mortification level.

Nevertheless, I'd take that cold in the winter, hot in the summer, no power anything, dust magnet in and out, smells like gasoline, hula girl on the dash, vw back any day. 

That's not the only funny story I have about that car.  Off the top of my head I've got at least two more just as good, to me, as that one. 


If I don't see you before, although I hope I do, Merry Christmas!

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Blayne Royse said...

Haha, great post. Love the honking story!