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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, July 17, 2009

everywhere we goooo, people wanna knoooow....whooo we aaaarrre....soooo we tell them...we are the crazies, the crazy crazy crazies how i feel EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we go out to eat.
Tonight...I put on my new jeans (banana republic outlet- a steal- $24...yep)....a cute black top....and some big giant black circle earrings.  I got all fixed up with some makeup, and did my hair....and the boys and I headed to...the Yukon Super Buffet.  For those of you who don't know-- this is an Asian Buffet.  They have everything from traditional chinese restaurant stuff to sushi, steamed crab legs, muscles....gosh, i don't know...they have a lot of things.  I stick to the fairly normal stuff.  ANYWAY.  So on the way, Brandon lets me know that I can pick somewhere else to eat if I want. I don't want to pick.  Does the girl ever want to pick? I don't know- I never want to pick.  So he says, "Fine...we can just have Italian or Mexican." (He knows I will veto this b/c I can not have dairy currently b/c it upsets the digestive issues of the fat baby)....So I say, "Okay. I will just have a salad." And Sawyer says, "And I will just have a corn dog."

Okay. Good for you, kid.  The other day he got a corn dog at the grocery store. He also tried a chicken gizzard.  The kid who hates any chicken meat....well...he loved that gizzard. I've never even had one, neither has Brandon.  Brandon said Sawyer chewed it forever.  Then he wanted more.  sick.

Back to the task at hand.  So we go to the buffet.  By the time we get to the host, who will seat us, Sawyer has been told to straighten up at least 3 times, and Brandon finally takes him into the restroom to get a spanking.  So Ridge and I find our seat....and Sawyer returns.  I fix his plate, then fix mine, and as soon as we sit down, Sawyer says, "I think I need to go pee."  Well...this is important b/c we don't want a three year old peeing his pants.  So....Brandon takes him back to the bathroom that he just left...and lets him go pee.  Not long after his return, sawyer says... "my tummy hurts!"  Anyone who's kept up with this blog knows what's coming....the kid has to poop.  So I repeatedly ask him if he wants me to take him to the bathroom, which I am so afraid is going to be disgusting.  Taking a 3 year old to poop in a public restroom sicks me out.  I don't think I can take him to a public toilet, not to poop.  So....he makes it.  Until we forget about it and go to Hastings to rent a movie.  Then, the attack of the poop monster returns.  As we are walking the aisles looking for a movie, Sawyer begins his bent over walk, where you know the poop is about to exit the boy.  I find Brandon and tell him we have to go. Now. So we pay for our movie, and as I pick Sawyer up to hopefully avoid a scene, I feel a non-normal something in the buttocks area.  Whatever came out went back in and we just had success w/ him pooping in the potty.  But folks, I gotta tell you, that stuff is nasty.  God should make kids born knowing how to use the toilet.  That's what I think.  Because this pooping issue is strange.  And gross.  

That's all on the saga of my bathroom challenged child.

Peace out.

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The McCoys said...

I LOVE IT! Potty training is by far the worst part of having kids, that I have encountered this far in my "parent life" haha...Dylan pretty well gets the peeing thing, and IF you catch him grunting he WILL go in the potty...but if the grunting ISN'T is definitely in the pants...gross...sick...