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Monday, August 3, 2009

baby ridge update 1

Yesterday Ridge had a lazy day- he wasn't very energetic. Last night we got to hear him chatter quite a bit...his little voice is so precious. They did a CBC (complete blood count) and his platelets were back down to 19K (150-300K is normal)...his orders say to do a platelet transfusion when he dropped below 20K, so that was to be coming...his hemoglobin was also low, down to 7.4 (which is not near as low as it had been, but is definitely not "normal") he also was to have another red blood cell transfusion. We've been moved to the 8th floor, which is not the hemotology there were some delays in getting the blood-- the draws were at 3:40 and results were requested stat...but it was about 3 hours before we got the results, and it was another 4 before they started the transfusions. Something made him sick after the transfusions- either some high blood pressure, or well...who knows? and he threw up all over Brandon in the middle of the night...due to his situation, his throw up is not..."throw up" contains some extra things like coagulated blood/clots...and it was most definitely brown like "old" blood looks. We have noticed some blood in his drool, which was not present before. He had only vomited one other time in his life, and it was not incredibly similar to this time. He continues to have dark stools, and we are waiting on some kind of biopsy report least that is what we are hoping for.

I apologize for any rambling or randomness here, i am honestly not 100% sure of what I am writing. We are hoping for answers today, or at least hoping some things can be crossed off the list of possibilities (I don't know what things...but the drs do). It is encouraging to me that Ridge is not fussy and is basically in no pain...but it is still so hard to watch your baby go through this....and to hold him with all the cords coming from his little fat body.

The transfusions raised his counts, but this will most likely not be a permanent raise, b/c he is needing the platelets to stop the bleeding and he is needing the RBCs to replace what he is losing. He may have an MRI today to test for lesions anywhere else in his entire body, b/c they could be other places besides the stomach. Pray that is not the case, unless it would make treatment or diagnosis easier.

We know a lot of people are praying for us. We earnestly appreciate it and continue to need it. If you would like to donate blood in Ridge's name, you may do so @ any OBI or @ any OBI mobile blood drive. You will need to tell OBI that you want to donate as a credit to Ridge Cary's account.

May the God of peace bless you as He continues to use you as blessings in our lives. Thank you for everything.


ChrisCopelandPhoto said...

We are still praying, constantly, for baby Ridge and you guys. He is an amazing little guy with a smile that comes from his little soul. Last night, as I was holding his hand and praying for him I just happened to open my eyes and he was smiling from ear to ear. I just thought how telling it is that he is able to smile through all of this. I know God has been right there, holding him, through this whole time. Julie and I are only a phone call away and always ready at the drop of a hat, regardless of what you need. We love you guys.

Shayla said...

Justin and I can't even imagine what you are feeling and going through right now. We are still praying and will continue to pray for Ridge, you and Brandon, your family, and the doctors.

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:7

Alecia Head said...

Our thoughts and prayers go with you, and your family.. I am also going to let you know that I am O-. I want to help your little boy.. I live in Laverne, I did not know if I had to come to the city or have a blood mobile come to Woodward... I want to help...

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and looking for opportunities to help. We are having a blood drive at NSU and will be sure students know about Ridge. So glad to hear that people are blessing you, accept their blessings, don't deprive them of their desire to help. You would do the same for others! You are loved.Bobby and Debbie Lipscomb