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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, August 21, 2009

sitting...and waiting...

waiting on some CBC results...apparently, two days ago, ridge's platelets were up around 136K..b/c of transfusing. yesterday they were already back down to 39K, which was a little surprising but not too much. This morning, they told us the platelet ct. was 139K or something. weird weird, so they did another CBC to see if there was a lab error. hemoglobin is down, but not to anything too worrisome yet-- 8.6.

so i am posting this with a little 'weird' feeling-- disclaimer here-- please feel no obligation to what i am about to post, it was not our idea and we are so appreciative of it...but we don't want to send the wrong impression by posting this information. so know, i am only publicizing this b/c people have been ASKING me about what to do/if we have one of these/etc-- we do have a contribution fund set up for ridge. "someone" who has been taking super good care of us was working on cash donations, and some other people asked if we had a fund, so that "someone" helped set up a fund for us. if you would like to donate, or have people asking about this, the fund is the Ridge Brogan Cary Contribution Fund and donations can be made @ any Bank of Oklahoma. For those of you down near Hollis, I believe Stockman's has a fund similar set up. please do not feel obligation here-- i am only posting this due to the frequency with which questions about this are coming up.

as far as blood donations-- if you'd like to donate, feel free to do so. a few weeks ago, OBI told us to wait a couple weeks. it's been a couple weeks. We aren't in need of the blood right now, but credits still help us for when/if we are in need. A few items you may not know: To credit blood to Ridge, it costs you NOTHING. it is just one extra step, verbally, you have to make when you donate blood. He doesn't necessarily receive your blood, that's why it doesn' tmatter what type you are. He gets a credit for you donating, which helps diffuse our cost (b/c you do have to pay for blood). Another thing people have wondered about apparently, according to OBI-- do we have to replace the blood we use? As in, if we use 25 units of blood, are we responsible for getting 25 units donated? and if we don't, do we have to pay an extra fee? NO. we pay for the blood we use but we are not required to "rebuild" the supply. However, i believe you who are donating are rebuilding the supply anyway! It isn't necessary, but it is good if it happens. Again, your donations in Ridge's name help us b/c it lowers our financial cost. If you are o negative, not only does it lower our financial cost, but it increases the blood bank supply of o neg blood, which means there is more o neg blood available for ridge to use/be given.

Sorry the blog was so "informative" today and not necessarily "inspirational" or "entertaining." I just don't have a lot to offer right now b/c we aren't really in a hill or a valley, we're just kinda sitting on a plateau or something. I liked geography, but I wasn't great at it. my apologies. :)

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Father, for Ridge in contributions, his spirit and his life You have Given, we are blessed by Your Presence in him. Hold him closely and protect him from all that is not You, Jesus, Thank You for kisses Ridge and bringing peace where pain desires, overriding, that he may still smile, play and love with radiance, through Your Countenance, we Thank You for him today and forever, in Jesus Name of Nazareth. WE continue to assign The Blood of The Lamb all around, under, over and within his gates, walls and loins for Your Total Access, in Presence and Power, and Might, Your Perfect WILL on earth as it is in Heaven, for Ridge, NOW and Forever, We Adore Thee, Abba. Decreed, in The Blood of The Lamb, in Jesus Name of Nazareth. To The GLORY of His Name, Authority, Command, Power, Presence, in AGAPE. Amen. \o/\o/\o/ Jesus be Praised. a friend of God's, Karenlee

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