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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So, made it home Friday night. Took forever to get "adjusted" in my house, but finally Sawyer, myself, and my mom watched "Handy Manny" and slept on a bed of blankets in the living room. Sawyer watched Handy and I crashed. I woke up a bit later to sawyer saying "Can we watch it again?", we didn't even watch it the first time!
Saturday, Sawyer and I read books @ the library for about an hour then went and grabbed some lunch...grabbed a nap...then headed to see brother Ridge. Ridge was looking cute and chubby and ready to see his momma. I was ready to see him, too. We had a good four hours @ the hospital; Ridge's counts are staying stable for now.
Today, plans are to go to church- just Saw-man and myself...then, I will hopefully cook him lunch b/c I know he hasn't had one thing his momma cooked in like four weeks. That's probably sadder to me than to him, but it still is hard for me. Then, we'll take a nap and head to the hospital for a few hours...Tonight will be my last night at home till hopefully next weekend...and tomorrow a.m. I will take Sawyer to school! I am excited to meet his teachers.
Yesterday on the way home from the library, I got kind of choked up as I was telling Sawyer I was sad Ridge is sick. Sawyer said, "I'm sad Ridge is sick, too. And I'm sad Daddy can't be here b/c he has to be @ the hospital b/c Ridge is sick. I'm sad we can't all be together. There's two people missing. Daddy and Ridge are missing." He kept going...and I just kept crying. I know he isn't really fully understanding...but he knows things aren't "normal"...I know he will adjust. But I don't want him to have to. I know God has laid this road out before us, but it is so hard in the sense that "normal" has been overturned and both children are rarely with both parents and I hate that, b/c that is how I want my family to be raised. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have both parents around for many different reasons; but this should not be one of them.
We keep praying. We ask you to do the same. I am excited to be with our church family this morning and to hear a word from God and be able to sing praises to Him. I pray your Sunday is blessed. I know ours will be. Have a great day. Keep asking for a miracle!



Will said...

I prayed for ridge today in church. We sang "You Said" by Shane Barnard. I couldn't help but think about how God will answer our prayers. You have been an encouragement to me in my own life by your faithfulness and how patient you are with everything. We will continue to pray for your family.

Anonymous said...

Alisha, you don't know me. I work with a wonderful woman, your very dear friend, Crystal.
I just want you to know, that we all pray for you and your family, and the doctors. I pray, my family prays, and we've added Ridge to our prayer chain at our church in Denton, Tx.
Your faith inspires me and I'm awe struck at your strength. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cary and Henderson Family,
I'm daily reminded of God's power and constant presence. I have to share a quick story. I was sitting in the Nurses station a few days ago and an employee who had come to pick up their check at the hospital, out of no where, said she had O negative blood. I don't think in all my life I've ever heard ANYONE blurt out their blood type. We were not talking about blood or donations so it really struck me as a divine intervention. I told her a snippet of your story and an awestruck look came across her face she said write down the baby's name and I will go donate today. I know it must be difficult to stay at peace but just know that even people far away from your daily situation are being inspired and effected by precious Ridge.
Jennifer Jesse

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