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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


finally! friday to tuesday....and i finally feel ALMOST back to normal.  i'm trying to type this blog while dancing to old school new kids on the block and keeping ridge bouncing in his exersaucer....he's still getting mad.  we'll see how far i get.  i look like an idiot, i'm sure.

Ridge has a nasty cold, really snotty.  hopefully this will not cause him to have a bleed.  illness often makes these MLT babies/kiddos bleed.  I've been wearing a mask and sanitizing my hands like crazy for the past six days or so.  he doesn't seem to have caught the gi issue i had.  Ridge...has the wave down.  He can wave wave wave.  He likes to bounce. he likes to stare out the window and yesterday he thought it was hilarious when he was INSIDE looking OUT the window-- because i was OUTSIDE cleaning the windows, looking IN.  and he was laughing it up.  this morning we went on a long walk outside in the fresh beautiful spring air.  a little sun.  a little sprinkles.  a lot good.  he finally crashed after about an hour of walking.  good for me. good for him.  my spring flowers are working on blossoming...if they can jump out from all the leaves on top of them.  i love spring.  ridge turns one a month from yesterday.  he can't talk yet, but he jabbers a lot.  so i guess he CAN talk.  but nothing i understand.  we have been avoiding public-ness for a long time bc of germies/illness, which means even church.  but with easter coming up, i think if we are all well and not at the hospital, we will try to don our new easter duds and go celebrate with our church family.  by nature we aren't an Easter/Christmas only church going family-- we are an every sunday, try to be there for most things, family.  so this disease and low immune system of ridge's has really been odd in that respect.....sorry that paragraph just rambled rambled about so many different things.

sawyer is doing well.  i'm praying every day we don't bring any bugs home (as in, viruses) from school....i've recently learned of a family with a little girl about 3 months younger than Ridge with MLT and they also have 2 other older children.  They have begun homeschooling their kids to limit the amt of germies that come home.  Seeing as to how sawyer is only 3 (almost 4!) and will only be in pre-k next year, we are all signed up and enrolled and hoping for a pre-k slot, but also praying about homeschooling.  for those of you who don't know, I have teaching certificates pre-k through 12th grade.  i need to renew them, i think....reminder.... anyway, i am beginning to wonder if i did all that studying and prepping to teach lower grades for a reason-- because as far as public school goes, high school has my heart.  so i wonder-- i don't doubt-- God knew this day was coming....anyway, i have great faith in our public school system, and i long to be back at work, but not yet knowing if i can do that next year, or the next....or at all  (i am trying to have faith that it WILL happen, i WILL be back in a classroom working with highschoolers in AP calc....YUKON high schoolers...bc there's nowhere else i want to be!)...anyway, this is just something we are praying about.  it will seriously cut the germs down by multitudes in our house, and i would get to spend time with sawyer that never before would i have gotten to spend with him, since i would not have chosen to be a stay at home mom.  who knows- i'm not saying it will happen, i'm just saying i think it's a great thought.  so keep us in your prayers! sawyer's doing well.  he seems to be outgrowing (for now, i know) the rebellious stage and is pretty much obedient most of the time. he loves to hug on me and scratch my back and lots of times over the last several days has told me he's sorry i'm sick.  he loves picking out his own clothes, so i've rearranged his closet where he can reach his school clothes  (picture this: sweatpants with a church shirt...bc this was frequently happening).  he told me the other day, "when you get better, and aren't sick anymore, we need to get the clothes out of my closet that are NOT cool."  WHAT?  how does HE know what's cool?  so i promised we would. i can't WAIT to see what HE says isn't cool...i'm sure the Toy Story shirt will definitely be cool.  whatever kid.  :) love that boy.

so that's not a big update.  we're doing well today. ridge goes for another pentamidine injection tomorrow. pray that goes well. we stop his octreotide for an hour to do those, so it's a tad nerve-wracking to me, but last time it went great.

take care!


Katie said...

But, Mrs. Cary, the Toy Story shirt IS cool.

Erin said...

So funny you say that...COOL? Caiden always tells me that he isn't awesome...he is cool! And he is really big on taking his I guess that must be cool! And he is all about dressing himself...the ohter day he wore 3 different shirts to school!

Caiden loves to cuddle and so things for me too! I {heart} boys and the love they have for their mommas! I pray that God leads you to the answers about schooling!