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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i've got a present....for you! or you? or you?

Now, I'm going to admit I didn't do an A+ job of it, but Monday, I cleaned out the garage.  I did throw quite a bit away, but anything on shelves or in boxes pretty much got to stay where it was.  HOWEVER.....some things were salvaged.  Not for me, but for some of you.  Seeing as to how this is the week of Ridge's numero uno birthday, and we have toys coming out our ears, and gifts galore....I don't need some of this stuff.  So the first item up for grabs is sure a funny one.  So here's some background:

We've been in the hospital a LOT since July.
Most of that time , I was the parent with Ridge, bc BDawg had to be at work.
When neither of you are really at home, things get overlooked.
Which is why I even have this prize to begin with.
We USEDto be members of something called....The Disney Movie Club.  It was great.  Except for the fact that if you didn't want the movie of the month, you had to call and say you didn't want it. Or send in your form and check the box that said you didn't want it.  And if you neglected to do those things, you got the movie...AND paid for it.  No more of that malarkey.  We cancelled that right quick two years later when we'd forgotten to take care of that a few times.  Most of the movies we received through this little trap DMC had set for us our error are movies we will watch, do watch, have watched, whatever.  So they were like presents we didn't really need to buy but we bought them, like it or not, so we were happy.  However....I was not aware of our (probably) LAST accidental DMC purchase.  Until I cleaned out the garage.
It was with great splendor and excitement I reacted when I saw the corrugated cardboard box.  I knew there was a movie in it.  Both boys were home with me that day, so I was super excited to have found some leverage for the 3 year old.
The package was dated sometime in November.  What a treasure! Six months in the making!
But our loss is your gain.  Because God has given me two wonderful young boys.  They will get older. But unfortunatelythankfully, they will never turn into the tweenage little girls who would be interested, ecstatic, super happy happy happy to watch this:

It's all yours, people.  Leave a comment.  Or send me an email.

I will put all your names in a proverbial hat, Sawyer will draw one, and I will send you your prize.
Don't worry. It's new. In the box. Still shrinkwrapped.
Happy....whateverday to you!

(Contest open until I close it, and anyone can win, family is not excluded, although I'm most definitely certain none of my immediate family will be needing THIS).


Court said...

my girl's would flip... lol, isn't it funny how boys and girls are wired so differently. Colton loves to beat and climb... neither of which my little girls did!!
Anyways, we'll take it off your hands if you need us too! ;)
Courtney Horne

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Okay, I'd love this... to tell you the truth, my hubby & I rented this to watch together one night and it was cute... and clean!

Jamila Whisenant said...

Actually... you might want to keep it. Bryson (7 yr old BOY) and I went and watched it at the THEATRE!!! For what it is... It was actually a pretty good and your boys (all 3 of them) might enjoy it!

Amy <> said...

My neices would love it!!