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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Monday, September 5, 2011

dream chaser? dream catcher? dream weaver? don't stop believin'? what do we call this...???

You know how when you're little, you have these dreams-- these unspoken goals...things you don't realize are, by the world's standards, unattainable for most people?  Whatever those dreams are-- I mean, for me, at one point, "livin the dream" meant I would be an aerobics instructor.


I left a big ol' pause there, because anyone who knows ME is probably STILL busting a gut on that one.

So this is most assuredly not a post about me saying I'm going to be following THAT particular long forgotten dream.  No realization like that has smacked me in the face-- I mean, that dream is from way back in the days of early morning Mousercise on the Disney channel....and Barbies in unitards and legwarmers. I mean, those were my catalysts.

But really. Let's think here for just a minute.  Dreams.  Desires.  Goals. Aspirations....we all had them.  We all probably STILL have some semblance of them.  But it is the few who actually live them out. I'm not talking about saying, "I have a home I love, and a spouse who loves me, and great kids...I'm livin' the dream."  I mean, if you are, that's fantastic-- really! It is!  But that isn't what I'm talking about.  Am I crazy to think, that deep down, in ALL of us, there is a hunger for more?  There is something MORE we are created for?  Of course you know where I stand spiritually on the issue--  the "at the root" more we all are created for can only be fulfilled in Jesus Christ...but let's talk past that-- or within that-- or I don't even know what term I'm looking for here.  I mean, after you get the spouse, get the job, get the house, get the kids, have the vehicle and the church home and the dog and the clothes and whatever because we all know the list is tragically endless...after you have all of that- and of course all of that by the grace of God... I mean, is that it?  Really?

I believe our identity is found only in Jesus Christ. I believe God to be our creator and redeemer.  I believe if all I have done in this life is accepted salvation from Jesus Christ...then my eternity is sealed.  But...we are here. On this orb right now...definitely any man's time on earth is temporary.  But Jesus promised us that he came to give us  not only life, but life abundant!  And call me crazy, but I think that encompasses more than a dream home or a great lawn or a beautiful family.  And call me crazier, but I think that could look like a lot LESS than a dream home or a great lawn or a beautiful family in the eyes of the world.  I believe our dreams, or passions, if we will be awake to them, are from the heart of God.  (because I suppose everything needs some sort of disclaimer these days, I also believe dreams that are obviously in opposition to the things of God can not possibly BE directions from God)....ANYWAY.  These passions...maybe they are small, maybe they are great.  I don't know.  But I think they are ours for the taking- for the glory of the Lord.  I see people doing such great things-- things that the "world" might call crazy.  Things like picking up what little, or lot, you have and moving to the wrong side of town, because that's where you can reach out to a family you already know, and you know they need Jesus.  You can be a tangible gospel to them, because you are right there, and you said, "I don't need this house on this side of town..I need to love these people, and I can do it better from here."  Or things like taking in children to be your own-- whether fostering or adopting-- children from the town you live in, or children from all the way across the world-- because they need saving, literally-- from lives that would be short lived, due to drug abuse around them, or starvation, or disease, or neglect.  People are doing this-- and saving lives, literally saving these children.  Not all of these people have the money to do that- but they do it anyway.  WHY?  Because we, if we are children of the Lord, are called to BE Jesus to this earth!  Not to just get up and go to work and be like everyone else.  Not to say, "well I don't feel like I need to do that, but I am doing my best to be my best at work and at home and with my family."  Well, good.  Good for you. Good for ME...but how "out there" is THAT?  I mean, ANYONE can do that!!!  And trust me, I'm pointing four fingers back at me if I'm pointing one at you at all.  This is not a blame game- this blog, often times, is my outlet, not just a place to update you on Ridge (although he is doing excellently!).  What are we DOING to make a difference in this world!?!?!  I agree that our family is our first priority as far as what God has entrusted us with-- we are to love them, to nurture them, to provide for them, to not neglect or forsake them.  We are to do that.  But is it so insane to think that we are supposed to show them how to LIVE the gospel?  I could rant this for days and myself, about myself...and if most of us were honest, we could ALL rant it about ourselves...because the truth is if we look around-- those who are out there doing LITTLE things that are BIG at the same time...are few and far between.  And I'm all for being the silent blessing, the one on the sidelines...the seed planters.  So don't think I'm knocking that.  But we get ONE shot at this lifetime in THIS world.  Shouldn't we be making it count?  Not by spending as much time at the park with our kiddos or on dates with our significant other or having fun at the golf course...not that anything is wrong with ANY of that. fun is fun and it is good to have fun-- but I just don't think that's ALL that life has to offer!  We have this great big world right at our fingertips-- even within our own communities-- there are needs to be met, and why are we not meeting them?  The church, collectively, is called to be living testaments of Jesus Christ- we are to be out there BEING Jesus to a world in need....and that could mean great great things! It might mean living on the wrong side of town, or it might mean acting on that nagging you've had to start some business or ministry or whatever...or taking in that young person you heard had fallen on some hard times...or whatever....just to in turn receive a tremendous blessing.

Who knows? I don't. I'm just talking.  You don't have to listen....and if you are still here, it's okay if you don't like it.  These are just some things that have been filling the conversations in our household lately.  Once we accept the greatest gift we can be offered-- salvation in Christ...what are we gonna do with it?  Because I certainly don't think just sitting around enjoying a normal life like "everyone else" is the right answer.  I think there is more. I think we were ALL created for more.  And i think it's time we start claiming that and doing more.  More in faith- for our dreams, and for the dreams of others.  We know as believers, eternity will be incredible....and we know, as believers, that we will endure hardship here on this earth, in this world...but since we are aware of that, and we know it will happen regardless of whether we are living life like everyone else or living life incredibly....why not do great things???  Not for US....because we all know that chasing a dream for our own glory will NOT be fulfilling in the least... but for the Kingdom...for something greater and bigger than ourselves....why not do what we were created for???

I don't have a good closing sentence/wrap up/whatever.  My thoughts aren't finished.  But this post is. :)

good night!


Courtney and Stephen Osborne said...

Love it! My friends and I have been discussing this. I am reading Crazy Love and this has been on my heart too. I am still in the midst of it processing it and don't fully grasp how this will be played out in my life. But, I pray for the heart that says "Yes, Lord" whether He leads me where I am comfortable or way uncomfortable.

alisha said...

That book is sitting on my shelf waiting to be read-- maybe it will be my next read! I feel like many believers are feeling pulled this way, inside I wonder, when and how did I miss this? I mean, what could have been going on the past 10 years of my life if I'd have known this THEN? :) I suppose that's just how it goes- we learn things when we learn them. but I am glad to be going that route now! It is exciting to think what all could be coming in any of our lives!