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wife. mom. adjunct professor. we homeschool. i'm a little bit OCD. i love math. bright colors and geometric designs make me drool. we live with a medical rarity, and Jesus saved his life. through that, Jesus is changing us. The american dream and status quo is overrated...and sometimes just plain wrong. our lives, our family, our careers, our faith are all now filtered through a new lens-- thank you Jesus. welcome to our crazy. feel free to take some of it with you, we have plenty to go around.
It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Monday, August 17, 2009

day 21 here we go.

Ridge had some blood given last night; his counts were up right after that, and remained up all night, and this morning as well. He did spit up some brownish blood earlier this morning- and the diapers are still bloody/dark. He is on steroids to help him get over this hump, but they are not a long term option. He is fussy right now. There is discussion of upping his meds, which means he can not eat. There is still discussion of surgery. We got a new GI doc on call today....and he said they just don't know what to do and no one in the country really knows how to treat this's kind of just a "best guess" type that's fun. Hearing that just reiterated the fact that we need a miracle. There is talk of going in and scoping again-- my prayer is they go in and they say...WHAT? There is NOTHING there, no lesions, no bleeding, no nothing. I will be praying for healing like never before this week. I ask you to do the same. I know God will act in His time, but I will be pleading that His time is now. Today. Be swift, Lord.


Anonymous said...

Alisha, I have been praying for Ridge's healing. Here is a verse I came across today, it may be one you have already received. Psalm 34:19 "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them ALL." Heavenly Father, I pray that you heal baby Ridge of these lesions, stop the bleeding, and renew his strength. Continue to speak to Alisha and Brandon through Your Word and let them feel Your presence as You at this very moment are healing Ridge. We believe this because of the love of our Savior Jesus Christ who has said "When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I'll be there." (Matt. 18:19)These things I pray in Jesus name, Amen

Anonymous said...

Alisha, I want you to know I pray for Ridge, You and Brandon throughout my day. A good friend I work with told me today her group lesson at church last night was about Ridge and your family's strong faith in the Lord. Your Son is a testament to so many people. His story has reached and touched so many people! We hope to come see you soon but for now we continue to pray for his healing and strength for all of you. We love you all.
Kelsey Nonast

Laurie Fenrick said...

Alisha, our God heals and baby Ridge is lifted by so many people in prayer. We prayer for a miracle and God is a God who can do that. We love you! Laurie

Anonymous said...

Alisha, I am a nurse at OU children's. My wife has kept me updated on your story. We are praying for your family and hope for a miracle.

Megan said...

Praying for a miracle for baby Ridge. I pray God gives you and Brandon strength as well. God loves you so much!


Corie and Jason Orr said...

Praying for strength, knowledge, and complete healing today. Please, dear Lord, be with all involved with this- Ridge, family, doctors, nurses, everyone. Please show your awesome power in ways none of us have ever seen so that we can proclaim, even more than ever, the glory of God and the witness of a miracle in your precious child, Ridge. Thank you, God, for sending your Son to shed his blood for all of us and for all of the healing you have given to so many. We believe, with all of our hearts that you can heal this baby today. We cry out to you, Father, and we love you.

Anonymous said...

Sovereign and Loving Father, Hold this precious family. Please give them comfort and strength to endure the fire they are walking through. We believe You can heal Ridge. We pray for your will, and we know that in all things YOU work for the good of those who love You, Lord. We still plead for your Almighty Power of Healing. May the refining now be complete and we ultimately pray for You to heal that precious baby's flesh, we cry for a miracle, oh Jesus! Thank you for already performing a mighty work through this family. It has all been for Your Glory! In Jesus Christ's Holy name, Amen

Buddy said...

I dont know you but learned of your situation from Cindy Kincaid. Cindy's husband Tol is my cousin... I have been visiting your site daily to get updates and have been praying for you guys. I am very encouraged by your faithfulness and look forward to what God is going to do in this situation in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

The LORD drew this vessel back to when first entering in this gate, Alisha, Give your son completely to Jesus NOW. Even Mary had to give Him UP to The Father. You must let go, and let God. Many times mothers desire to stay in the kitchen with the spoon in the pot, stirring it up for a bit, walk a way, come back in stir it some more and on we continue... The Father, is waiting that when we are done stiring and letting go of the spoon, to stay out, not pick the spoon back up and stir. For it is only then, HE CAN BEGIN HIS FULL WORK in His Perfect Will not permissible will because of our interference and desiring to be in control. HE knows we love our children, but we must take them to Mount Moriah. Genesis 22. Given in His Wisdom, Love and Mercy, to His Glory. Amen. Healing begins at Mount Moriah. In Christ's Love, Obedience, Sacrifice and Suffering, HIS~ His Perfect Peace be with you and your family in this hour of perfection and sanctification in the purifying and refining by The Purifier and Refiner Himself. HalleluYah, Amen. He collects your tears for they are in His Bottle. Be Strengthened in His Strength Alone, Amen. In Jesus Name of Nazareth, we supplicate for your lengthening of cords and strengthening the stakes, in His Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth through The Blood of The Lamb and Power and Might of The Holy Spirit. Sealed. Amen. Christ's property, we are~ Karenlee