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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Friday, January 8, 2010

medicine time!

So, I try to be pretty informative in my blog, but I don't know how much you guys really know about Ridge, the disease, how it is being at home, I'm going to post today about giving his meds.  I'm also going to invite you to either comment or email me if there is anything you'd like me to answer about Ridge- I will answer in a post.  Kind of like a FAQ's on the Ridgey-bear.  So....if there's something you want to know, ask.  And don't hold back, I don't care if it's personal.  So comment here, or email me @

Okay, so the meds.  Ridge gets most of his meds at 9 AM and 9 PM.  He has an extra med on the weekends- a prophylactic antibiotic (bc his immune system is weakened bc of the steroids).  One of his meds he also gets at 3 AM and 3 PM, in addition to the 9 AM/PM.  His Octreotide is changed aroun 4-5 PM each day.  I check his hgb around 9 AM.  Shoot, I need to post pics of all THAT too.  One day.  But today, the meds:
Here's the lineup:   starting w/ top left and working my way down and back up and down, etc.... med cup, bottle of sterile water, prevacid tablet, box of caffeine, vitamin drops, big bottle is amicar, bactrim (antibiotic), carafate, steroid

ridgey waiting on all the meds, and also there are some pics of the meds all drawn up into their syringes....

and finally,
our bag of D5 and the little syringe of Octreotide we shoot into that bag.  You see those 2 syringes?  I only inject one into the bag of D5.  that's all it takes to control ridge's bleeding (well and the other slew of meds above)...but only that little .2 mcg into that big bag of 250 mls of D5.  that's it.

don't you feel smarter?


Imperfection Is Perfection said...

Hi there, Although I have been reading your blogs for months, I just recently figured out that I had to "follow" you to be able to comment/communicate. I could tell you how I was introduced to you but it would take forever. Maybe someday. Anyhow, I love reading your posts and listening to the uplifting music. Your strength is amazing. It has touched me. Keep on keepin' on! ;)

KJ said...

What is Ridge's favorite meal and play toy. Is it something he got for Christmas? Is he a daddy's boy or momma's boy?

Our little boy acts like his daddy's boy, but I think Jett loves his momma most. It is funny how they can play us parents to get what they want and we fall for it every time.

Looking forward to reading more in 2010. Tell Brandon I said what's up and when you guys need a break let us know and we will have a night out.

Erin said...

All I can say is WOW...I thought I had a lot to keep up with with 2 boys at almost the same age and daddy is gone overseas, but girl you got me beat!! Daily vitamins is all I have to worry about and half the time I forget to give the boys those. You are THE super mom for sure!! Keep up the great work! So glad to hear and see Ridge home with his family!

Corie said...

Thanks for letting us even more into your lives! It is amazing to see pics of all his meds and things like that. Gives us an even clearer picture of how to pray for y'all. Glad to see you are home for now. Praying that continues and still for complete healing! ~Corie Orr

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