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It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.
-- Lena Horne

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.-- Jesus Christ

Sunday, March 27, 2011

just a thought...or 10

I don't have a lot of direction for this post.  I am just trying to post more often, for myself and my thoughts if nothing else.

We went to church today.  So many good things about that. A)duh, we miss it.  we love our church-- the people there.  we love getting to hear God's word spoken to us by a pastor who lives what he proclaims.  B)I got to visit with some of my gal pals today and when you stay home with two kids all day long and don't get out much, that is something that you desperately miss.  I'm sure you girls (if you are reading this!) know how much those short conversations meant to me.  So thanks for your conversation and listening ears! :)  C) My boys got to get "dressed up"....meaning jeans and a nice shirt, that's about how far we take it in this house.  But they looked so cute in their spiffy jeans and collared shirts and fixed hair and grey converse sneakers.  So cute.  D)Ridge wouldn't be quiet.  Hollering, laughing, fussing...just being loud.  And a friend came up to me after, she has a little boy a few months older than ridge, and asked how he was doing, and mentioned how she could hear him during the service...and our church is so open and friendly about kids being present in the service, I know no one was upset or anything by Ridge's loudness, but as a parent, you sometimes worry about that stuff and try to hush your children...but what a blessing it was when this friend said, "what a blessing!  i asked my husband if he knew who it was making that sound, and she said I told him Ridge. what a blessing for him to be here and to be making that noise!"  and what a blessing to me to hear those words!  i know I said blessing 24678235687 times, but I don't care.  it was a blessing. all of it. 

So there's some update there...

Ridge is probably getting his central line out in the next couple of weeks. Big step here....that means every time we need a blood transfusion, Ridge would need an IV.  that's annoying.  But it's more annoying that we have this line EVERY day, and ridge can't take a bath. he can't go swimming.  if he gets a fever, we go to the hospital bc his line might be infected, causing a fever.  UGH.  So we have decided we'd rather be inconvenienced on the days he  needs blood and be "normal" on the other days, as opposed to being inconvenienced DAILY and being glad for the line only a couple times a month at most.  This also means no more dressing changes, which have become weekly rituals here, and not one of us is "used" to them yet-- I hate it, Ridge hates it, I'm sure B hates it, and Sawyer doesn't like that we have to deal with them either.  So good bye to those.  Some people have asked why dont' we just get a port so that he has SOME type of quick access.  Well, maybe we will.  But  not right away. We are going to try it like this.  Because if we get him a port right away, and then we rarely use it, at some point, some day, we have to do surgery to get the port out.  Why would I want surgery to put a port in that we might not use much, and then have to wait for surgery to get it out?  I'm over that idea.  Right now, we are gonna go without any line access.  I don't care if it sounds stupid or brave or whatever, that's what we are doing- we are done with that line.  And I'm going to believe in faith that it's gonna be just fine to not have it.  And if I'm wrong, oh well, we will just get another line later.  But for now, we are going to plan on living normally.  Which means a lot of baths (can you imagine how much scrubbing Ridge is gonna get the first time I put him in the tub? SERIOUSLY.  The kid has not had a tub bath since he was probably 2 months old!  And he is almost 2 YEARS old!)

Sawyer's had two tball games. Ridge and I went to the first one but it was way too cold for Ridge at the second so we just stayed home.  First game, Sawyer's team lost, second game they tied (even though they had an extra time at bat :) ).  Apparently it was so cold that some of the team members were crying (not my child of course, he'd never do that, ever never ever would he be cold and want to stop playing tball. never. not a chance. if you don't taste the dripping sarcasm here, i'm telling you now that i'm being sarcastic.)  So yeah...maybe one day when it is nice I will get some actual pictures for you and post them here...but for now...this little paragraph will have to do on a Sawyer update.  He's usually really hilarious so I need to do better keeping tabs on things he does, bc I haven't shared that stuff in a long time.

I just ordered some new spring bulbs for my flower beds, and I have some requests for our vegetable garden this year as well.  hopefully a trip to lowe's and walmart (yuck I hate walmart) will yield us some good crops this year :).  I love spring time.

Uh...that's about all on the updates.  I planned to write none of that and instead write a brief synopsis of some more "serious" stuff, but now that I've written all of that, I will digress until my next posting.

Have a good Sunday (or whatever day you are reading this!)


PJ said...

Hey Alisha! Just wanted to stop by and say "hey!" I'm so glad Ridge is doing well! I bet Sawyer is a little "man"! I can't wait to see some pictures. We planted some Tulip bulbs and they finally came up, but the dumb cats like to lay right on them! We even put chicken wire around the beds and they still get in! God Bless!


Crystal said...

Hope that getting the line out proves to be much more convenient! And... REALLY hoping that Ridge enjoys a nice bubble bath ;) Have a good week girl!

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